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Our Environment

Environment Policy

SMRT aspires to be an industry leader in environmental stewardship. 

As a leading public transport service provider, we are dedicated to people-centric environmental sustainability anchored on SMRT's core values.

  • Respect for the environment is essential to ensure the sustained growth of our businesses.
  • Integrity in our actions to fulfil compliance of our environmental sustainability obligations.
  • Commitment to deliver best-in-class Service with eco-friendly policies and practices.
  • Excellence in our environmental conservation efforts by seeking to constantly innovate to achieve continual improvement in our sustainability practices.


Key Strategies

As a company, we are committed to environmentally sustainable developments in energy reduction, water conservation, waste management and green advocacy amongst our staff, business partners and customers.

Adopt eco-friendly resources, alternative energy and environmental solutions that marry ecological and economic agendas,

Benchmark and measure environmental performance,

Cultivate values, create environmental awareness and drive positive actions among staff and stakeholders,


Improve processes with the implementation of the Environmental Management System.


Energy Committee

SMRT’s Energy Committee has played a significant role in sustaining our environment and cultivating ‘green’ values across the entire SMRT network. Since its inception in 2014, it has rolled out a series of energy saving initiatives such as upgrading the propulsion system of our first generation trains to the more energy efficient Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, upgrading of station escalators with energy saving features and introducing the first 1MW Photovoltaic system in Bishan Depot. With the transition to the New Rail Financing Framework from Oct 2016, the Energy Committee will continue to innovate and incorporate more energy saving features into the asset renewal projects done in conjunction with the LTA, over the next few years to achieve a 5% reduction in our energy consumption and emission footprint.

Improving energy efficiency is mandated by the Energy Conservation Act, a law enacted by the government on large energy users in Singapore to use less energy to achieve the same or better performance. As such the Energy Committee, made up of a small team of energy managers as well as Licensed Electrical Workers are continuously on the lookout of new energy saving products or processes. In conjunction with these, there will be efforts to educate and raise awareness on the importance of conserve, curtail and responsible use of energy within the organisation. This allows every staff in SMRT to be part of this collective effort in building a clean and sustainable environment and towards an even greener transportation system in Singapore.

Water Committee

SMRT’s Water Committee has played a significant role to support SMRT’s environmental sustainability journey. Since its inception in 2016, the water committee has embraced the 3'Rs' approach to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. A series of water conservation projects and initiatives such as the upgrading of our Train and Bus Wash plants, adopting district cooling at CBD stations, connecting NEWater pipings, and rainwater harvesting at Tuas Depot were initiated.

Concerted efforts to educate and raise awareness on the importance of water conservation, and responsible use of water within the organisation allows every staff in SMRT to be part of this collective effort in building an appreciation for the environment, towards an even greener transportation system in Singapore.

 Through collaborations with PUB and various social enterprises, the Water Committee continues to innovate and incorporate water saving initiatives over the next few years to achieve a 10% year-on-year reduction in our water consumption.

 Waste Committee

Waste Management Committee embraces the 3'Rs' (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) concepts as an effective approach for SMRT to protect our environment and give our future generations a better life.

SMRT has engaged several key licensed contractors to ensure proper collection, transport, processing, recycling and disposal of waste materials. In 2018, up to 1815 tons of scrapped metal products were sent for recycling. In addition, approximately 53 tons of toxic waste comprising of oil filters, coolants and rags were collected for disposal.

The committee strongly encourages every staff in SMRT to play an active role in adopting environmentally-friendly practices so that we can work with the government and community in becoming a Zero Waste Nation in tandem.

Green Committee

 The Green Committee’s objective is to promote SMRT as a responsible steward of the environment. It amplifies the other committees’ messages and initiatives through internal and external platforms and builds awareness on SMRT’s environmental sustainability efforts through staff engagement as well as community engagement and partnership.