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Fares & Claims


Commuters are charged a fare according to the total distance travelled on each mode of transport. With the introduction of distance fares, fares are calculated based on the shortest travel path. 

Three categories of fare payment are highlighted: Basic, Express and Flat fares. Different commuter groups pay fares in accordance with different fare bands. Children under the age of 7 holding a Child Concession Card travel free on all Basic and Express bus services. Students, Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities and Persons under the Workfare Transport Concession Scheme enjoy concessionary (discounted) fares on all Basic and Express bus services.

If you would like to find out more, click here.

From 23 December 2023, new fares as part of the Fare Review Exercise 2023  will be implemented. Click here for more information.

To know how much your card fare for your trip is, you can use the Fare Calculator.

Deterring Fare Evasion

Fare evasion occurs when a commuter does not pay the bus or train fares required when travelling or attempting to travel on the public transport. We take a serious view of such fare evasions. Although each instance of fare evasion may seem small, when taken collectively, such fare evasions can result in significant fare leakage. 

To understand more on Fare Evasion, you can refer to PTC Fare Evasion website. 



SimplyGo, on behalf of the public transport operators, will provide commuters the options of a credit refund of the fare deducted or a complimentary bus ride voucher, for claims due to system error on bus.

Commuters may file a claim from the incident date or refer to SimplyGo for farecard matters:

  1. Download SimplyGo app and submit through the mobile application
  2. SimplyGo portal
  3. SimplyGo Ticket Offices (For card-based holders only)  
  4. SimplyGo Hotline 1800-CALL-ONE (1800-2255-663), open from 8.00am to 6.pm daily and close on public holidays (Please leave a voicemail after the operating hours)


   Please Note:

   Claims must be made within:

  • 14 days for Stored Value Travel Cards (Concession and non-Concession)
  • 90 days for SimplyGo Travel Cards (SimplyGo EZ-Link cards/Concession cards) from the incident date. For ‘Top Up Not Encoded’ claims, please file within 30 days from the date of incident.


Update on 28 Feb 2024:

With the extension of the existing adult card-based ticketing (CBT) system until at least 2030, CBT cards will be made available to (i) adult commuters who converted to SimplyGo or purchased a SimplyGo EZ-Link or NETS Prepaid Card between 9 and 22 January 2024, as well as (ii) concession cardholders who were issued or converted their cards to SimplyGo on or before 22 January 2024.

From 18 March to 30 June 2024, adult commuters who had converted to SimplyGo between 9 and 22 January 2024 and who wish to obtain a new CBT card for use can do so at any of the 44 SimplyGo Ticket Offices island wide. For more information, click here.