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Enabling Mobility


 Comet logo     Improving Mobility and Promoting Inclusivity 

In line with its “Moving People, Enhancing Lifestyles” vision and values, SMRT is committed to improving mobility and promoting inclusivity in our public transport network through efforts made with our facilities, buses, taxis and staff:

COMET MAXI, MIDI and MINI to support COVID-19 Patients and Operations     

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Recognising the need to provide safe point-to-point transportation of COVID-related operations between hospitals, dormitories and community facilities, Temasek Foundation conceived the COMET (COVID-19 Multi-Passenger Enhanced Transporter) initiative. These transporters complement existing patient transport services available and enable the mobility of COVID-19 patients amidst the pandemic.

SMRT Corporation, Singapore-based engineering firm HOPE Technik, and Sheares Healthcare, with the support of Temasek Foundation, have joined hands to retrofit existing SMRT buses into special vehicles for COVID-19-related operations. The joint effort is part of Temasek Foundation’s “Stay Prepared” initiative and supports the nation’s SGUnited community efforts by leveraging each other’s strengths in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

The three COMET values are Care, Safety and Resilience. SMRT is committed to creating a positive impact on our communities through our “Mobility” CSR pillar.

Heart represents life. The Singapore ‘heartbeat’ depicts a common rhythm as we unite as one during this pandemic to show care, humility and resilience. This design conveys SMRT’s desire to support the needs of those affected by Covid-19 during such challenging times.



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             COMET's joint efforts is part of Temasek Foundation’s “Stay Prepared” initiative.


COMET MAXIs can take more than 30 passengers in the passengers’ compartment and was deployed since 6 May.


COMET MIDIs (right) and MINIs (left) can take 23 and 9 passengers respectively in the passenger compartments and were deployed since 8 June. 


These vehicles, called COVID-19 Multi-Passenger Enhanced Transporter (COMET MAXI, MIDI and MINI), will help facilitate the mass transfer of passengers between facilities, including hospitals, dormitories and various community facilities.

Engineered for the safety of all on board, the driver and the passengers are in two compartments separated by a completely sealed divider. Each compartment has its own independent air-conditioning system, which allows air circulation within both cabins to be separated. The passengers’ compartment is equipped with a Negative Pressure System with a HEPA filter which will help ensure that only clean air is filtered out from the passengers’ compartment. Our drivers have no contact with the passengers.

We stand united and do our part during the COVID-19 pandemic.


COMET MAXIs help facilitate mass transfer of passengers between hospital, dormitory and community facilities.

Air-conditioning systems of front and rear cabins are two separate systems working independently of each other so that air circulation is separated. A Negative Pressure System with a HEPA filter helps ensure that only clean air is filtered out from the passengers’ compartment.

The driver’s compartment is separated by a wall and an emergency door, and are completely sealed. The door is locked at all times and can only be opened from the driver’s compartment.

In addition to the driver’s seat, there are seats for up to two passengers, such as a paramedic or an escort officer.

Prior to deployment, COMET MAXI drivers need to undergo 20 hours of training conducted by SMRT, including familiarisation with operating the vehicles’ safety features such as the Negative Pressure System.






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  • Wheelchair Accessible Buses and London Taxis 

More than 90% of SMRT’s buses are wheelchair-friendly. Its London Taxis have the unique fold-down extended ramp for easy access by passengers with trained drivers to provide the necessary care for them.

  • Inclusive Service Delivery Programme for Staff 

Through this programme, staff will better recognise and understand the needs of the elderly and people who have visual and hearing impairments in our networks.

  • Upgraded and improved facilities in MRT Networks 

Our facilities cater to the needs of the elderly, the visually impaired and commuters on wheelchairs and with walking aids. Examples include station entrance ramps, wider fare gates, tactile ground surfaces, Braille-plated lift buttons, and designated Care Zones in selected MRT stations.

SMRT has been supporting and will continue to meet the mobility needs of commuters and communities through the Gift of Mobility Fund in various ways. Our Key efforts include: 

  • Gift of Mobility 

SMRT Taxi Vouchers support people with physical disabilities and mobility needs, and who require medical treatment or seek employment. SMRT has helped more than 9,000 beneficiaries (beneficiaries are from seven adopted charities and all CDCs).

  • Vehicular Sponsorship for Community Healthcare 

The sponsorship provided Singapore Red Cross with its Community Health on Wheels vehicle and Home Nursing Foundation’s custom-fitted mini bus. The former brings free ancillary services and basic health care to the community especially the elderly, and the latter provides point-to-point transportation for its healthcare workers and beneficiaries.

  • JurongHealth Mobility Park 

SMRT sponsored life-size public transportation models of a decommissioned taxi, a low-floor bus mock-up and an MRT train mock-up which helps patients to gain confidence in moving and getting around and reintegrate back into the community after their discharge from the hospital. Service ambassadors reinforced their skills in handling physically challenged commuters through workshops held at the Park. 

  • Intergenerational and Inclusive Playgrounds  

SMRT sponsored an intergenerational playground at St. Joseph's Home, as well as two inclusive playgrounds at Ghim Moh and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio. This initiative promotes inclusive play for children so that they can better understand and accept one another, and interaction among multi-generational families and communities. 

  • Gardens by the Bay Cruisers 

These wheelchair-friendly cruisers enable wheelchair users to enjoy Gardens by the Bay with their family and friends. They are built with a foldable access ramp which enables the wheelchair user to board the shuttle without having to first disembark from the wheelchair.