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Kaizen For Safety

Safety First Mindset

At SMRT, the safety and health of our employees are our top priority and we are constantly seeking to empower our workforce to work safely and confidently.  Safety is first, and a core value reflected in our behaviour, operations, systems, processes and work procedures.  Safety is also the first 'S' in our Kaizen 6S methodology, and through Kaizen for Safety, we strive for continuous and incremental improvement to our Safety performance.


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SMRT Safety and Health Policy

SMRT's mission is to be the best-in-class public transport service provider, fully committed to deliver a positive experience that is safe, reliable and commuter-centred. In discharging our responsibilities, we accord paramount importance to safety and health.

Our Goal

We strive for the highest standard of safety and health, consistent with international best practices. We strongly believe that all accidents are preventable. We aim to achieve zero accidents, and create a workplace and transport network where no one gets harmed.

Our Commitments

We are committed to:

  1. Ensure safety comes first when providing safe and reliable transport services for all stakeholders
  2. Make safety and health a primary objective in the operations, maintenance and service of our public transport network
  3. Continually achieve improvement in the safety and health performance

Our Strategies

We pursue service and excellence in safety and health through

  1. Complying with all authorised rules and procedures, and ensuring these are current and accurate
  2. Maintaining high competency and safety focused skills and knowledge of our staff
  3. Conducting and communicating risk assessments, and introducing preventive measures in all work activities
  4. Empowering everyone to speak up and intervene when we spot a potentially unsafe situation
  5. Nurturing a Safety culture that promotes Zero Harm, where we look after our staff and partners
  6. Collaborating with our stakeholders and partners to deliver a safe, reliable and commuter-centred transport service

Our Roles

All management and staff must uphold the highest level of Respect, Integrity, dedicated Safety and Service to our work activities to provide a safe and secure environment for our people whilst striving to attain Excellence in our daily work.