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Kaizen For Safety

Safety First Mindset

At SMRT, the safety and health of our employees are our top priority and we are constantly seeking to empower our workforce to work safely and confidently.  Safety is first, and a core value reflected in our behaviour, operations, systems, processes and work procedures.  Safety is also the first 'S' in our Kaizen 6S methodology, and through Kaizen for Safety, we strive for continuous and incremental improvement to our Safety performance.


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ABCs of Safety

Everyone in SMRT is responsible for keeping the workplace and transport network free from accidents.   As SMRT journeys towards the next phase of Safety Culture 3.0 – A relentless journey towards Vision Zero Accident @ SMRT, we constantly remind our workforce (employees, contractors, Union) to embrace the ABCs of Safety.

  1. Attitude - Think Safety
  2. Behaviour - Work Safely
  3. Commitment - Go Home Safe


SMRT Safety and Health Policy

SMRT's mission is to be the best-in-class public transport service provider, fully committed to deliver a positive experience that is safe, reliable and commuter-centred. In discharging our responsibilities, we accord paramount importance to safety, health and environmental protection.

Our Goals

We strive for the Vision Zero Accident @ SMRT. We strongly believe that all accidents are preventable. We will adopt the highest standards of Safety, Health and Well-Being consistent with international best practices. We aspire to be the Queen Bee of Singapore Land Transport in Safety.

Our Commitments

We are committed to:

  1. Ensure safety comes first when providing safe and reliable transport services for all stakeholders.
  2. Make safety and health a primary objective in the operations, maintenance and services of our public transport network.
  3. Continually achieve improvement in the safety and health performance.
  4. Conduct our operations and maintenance activities in an environmentally prudent manner and reduce its environmental impacts.

Our Strategies

We pursue service and excellence in safety, health and environmental management through

  1. Strengthening Safety Culture with focus on enhancing Safety Ownership through Swiss Cheese Methodology, focus on “2nd last man” and situational awareness.
  2. Complying with all authorised rules and procedures, and ensuring these are updated timely.
  3. Maintaining high competency and safety focused skills and knowledge of our staff.
  4. Conducting and communicating risk assessments and introducing preventive measures in all work activities.
  5. Empowering everyone to speak up and intervene when we spot a potentially unsafe situation.
  6. Collaborating with our stakeholders and partners to deliver a safe, reliable and commuter-centred transport service.
  7. Complying with environmental regulatory requirements and adopting best practices in environmental protection.

Our Roles

All management and staff must uphold the highest level of Respect, Integrity, dedicated Safety and Service to our work activities to provide a safe and secure environment for our people whilst striving to attain Excellence in our daily work.




Steering SMRT towards a Generative Safety Culture

Our strategies are aimed at steering SMRT towards a Generative Safety Culture, and we strive towards zero fatalities & major injuries, zero significant incidents and reduced injury rates.  The focus for SMRT in the current phase of the journey is to enhance safety ownership at the workplace.


SMRT Safety Framework

SMRT’s safety framework is designed to ensure that our workforce (including contractors & OEMs), commuters and stakeholders are safe and protected while using our services or working on our premises. The five pillars of our Safety Framework – Enhancing Safety Leadership, Responsible Workforce, Robust Systems & Processes, Fair Rewards & Recognition and Insightful Data and Leading Indicators – work together to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to Workplace Safety & Health.


Building a Positive Safety Culture in a Psychologically Safe Environment

As part of our Kaizen philosophy, SMRT have introduced Gemba Walks, where our senior leadership – comprising Chairman, Board of Directors, Group Chief Executive Officer and Union Leaders – actively demonstrate collective commitment to engage the ground, promote generative conversations, reinforce safety standards and encourage enhancements to work processes. This is an effective way to promote a culture of continuous improvement where employees are empowered to identify areas for improvement and develop ground up solutions.

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Standards, Compliance, Enforcement, Lagging and Leading Indicators

SMRT adopts a disciplined and systematic approach to Safety, through the application of Standards, Compliance and Enforcement. Approved Safety Standards form the fundamental basic guidelines for workforce compliance. Through audits on compliance to safety, gaps and weaknesses in Processes and People can be identified and addressed via education and training as part of enforcement efforts. This approach of Standards, Compliance and Enforcement are supported by the use of Safety Dashboards comprising a suite of purposeful safety lagging and leading indicators.

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