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Learning Journeys

With over two million commuters travelling on our rail and bus network daily, our priority is to ensure a safe, reliable and comfortable journey for all our commuters. 

Awareness of persons with disabilities

In support of the effort led by the Public Transport Council (PTC), SMRT is the first public transport organisation to develop and conduct an in-house Inclusive Service Awareness course to have our entire workforce certified as Caring Commuter Champions. This training equips our employees with the skills to look out and care for special groups of commuters in need during their daily commute.




Engaging our Elderly

 We conduct specially-tailored learning journeys for the elderly, to provide them with essential safety tips while onboard and introduce inclusive features available within the interchange. Through engaging sessions, participants will learn how to navigate the interchanges safely and confidently, while also discovering the accessibility features designed to accommodate their needs. This initiative aims to empower our elderly community members with the knowledge and skills to travel independently and comfortably.

LJ for elderly 1

LJ for elderly 2


Promoting autism awareness with Rainbow Centre

We collaborated with Rainbow Centre on an educational video on autism awareness, in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month in April 2022. The video was screened on our digital advertising panels. Tissue packets with information on the Go-To SMRT initiative and caring behaviour messages were also distributed to the public. Through these efforts, we hope to encourage everyone to be inclusive and show greater care towards people with special needs while commuting in the public transport network.

To help students of Rainbow Centre, we also supported the creation of the “MILES Park at Rainbow Centre” so that students can have better experiential learning on how to take public transport independently.


[Image courtesy of: Rainbow Centre] 


Promoting Safe Journey, Gracious Behaviour and Green Tips

We have designed the Learning Journey programme for kindergarten kids and the Adopt an Interchange programme for Primary/Secondary students. Students will have the opportunity to tour the bus interchanges and explore the various features available. Additionally, they will learn important safety, courteous behaviours, and green tips during their journey. Primary/Secondary students will also have the chance to become our Safety/Service ambassadors by sharing what they have learned with fellow commuters.

Adopt an Interchange

Learning Journey for Kindergarten


Our MRT Ride: Children's Train Song

Released in conjunction with Children’s Day in October 2021, the Children's Train Song was taught to more than 10,000 pre-school students in a special collaboration with My First Skool. The song will be included as part of Ministry of Education’s primary school music curriculum.