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Our Safety Projects

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. At SMRT, everyone plays a part in building a strong Safety culture – from senior leaders who formulate Safety policies and lead by example, to managers who supervise work activities, and employees who take ownership and perform their tasks safely. We also inculcate teamwork and personal accountability to Safety and these help make our workplace safer for all. Below are a few recent Safety innovation and improvement projects:

In Trains and Stations

Escalator Safety

To enhance escalator safety, we included the escalator handrail strips to remind commuters to hold onto the handrails while riding the escalators. These stickers can be found at stations with high incident rates. To complement the existing escalator safety signage, we adopted a yellow background for better visibility. In addition, we use glossy stickers that are more striking.



On Buses

Additional Rear Door Sensor

In certain bus models, there was a blind spot at the rear door where existing sensors cannot detect. This resulted in passenger mishaps and affected commuter safety. With additional rear door sensors installed, we see a significant drop in the number of passenger mishap cases.