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Our Community

We believe in creating a positive impact on the communities we serve. We are committed to conducting our business in an economically, socially and environmentally-friendly manner that balances the interests of our stakeholders.

SMRT’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy aims to foster greater affinity among our key stakeholders and the organisation, as we work towards our vision of Moving People, Enhancing Lives. Our CSR objectives are to support sustainable development at SMRT, while giving back to society and building an inclusive community.

Our CSR activities centering around philanthropy, volunteerism, and advocacy are guided by three pillars of:

Enabling mobility

Empowering through arts and education  

Encouraging environmental sustainability

In line with our CSR Pillars, SMRT contributed over S$1 million in cash and in-kind sponsorships to support Social Service Agencies (SSAs) by helping to enhance the lives of their beneficiaries.

SMRT FY2021 Cash Sponsorship      SMRT FY2021 In-Kind Sponsorship


SMRT is committed to promoting safety and inclusivity in our network. Everyone who wants to travel in our network should be able to do so safely and comfortably. In April 2021, SMRT launched Go-To SMRT, an initiative to encourage commuters to approach SMRT for wayfinding, first aid, locating missing children or the elderly, and other assistance that may be required. 

Some features under the initiative include:

• Selected trains stations and bus interchanges are certified Dementia Go-To Points (GTPs) by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). These are ‘safe return’ points where members of the public can bring persons living with dementia, who may appear lost, for assistance. They also serve as resource centres to provide information on dementia.

• “Scan & Go-To” QR code - a digital concierge service for commuters to easily access useful travel information such as frequently-asked-for amenities surrounding the stations; train/bus timings; and alternative travel information.  

• Existing facilities such as first-aid and WeCare rooms have been refreshed to become more welcoming and comfortable to those who need them.

• Scenario-based training, provided by specialist and partner organisations such as AIC, Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) and the Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA), helps SMRT’s frontline staff to confidently handle a variety of situations commonly encountered within the network.

Go-To SMRT was first implemented at 17 SMRT train stations and five bus interchanges, and will be progressively rolled out throughout our network over the next two years.


Click here for our special edition of SMRT's CSR Report 2017 which highlights SMRT's 30 years of giving and milestones.

CSR Report 2017