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Safe Travel

Our mission is to provide a safe, reliable, and comfortable journey for our commuters. Commuter safety is our top priority, and we spare no effort in ensuring the safe operation of our services. In support of LTA's Passenger Safety Campaign, here are some of the initiatives in and around our network to promote safe journeys for our commuters.

Escalator Safety

At select stations in out network, escalators are fitted with handrail cleaners that clean and sterilise the handrails at regular intervals throughout the day. It can also broadcast escalator safety messages, and monitor the escalator for any faults.

To reinforce the importance of safety while travelling around our stations, we also have visible signs and markings near our escalators and staircases. This is complemented by roadshows that we conduct at our train stations and bus interchanges, to educate people and promote safety while using escalators and travelling in our network.

Refurbished escalator with warning and reminder stickers, such as holding on to handrails


Cleaning Automation in Stations and Interchanges

 The Smart Robot at our train stations and bus interchanges plays a dual role of cleaning floors and providing customer service assistance to commuters who require wayfinding or bus service information. At CCL stations, robots supplement our cleaning efforts, cleaning floor areas two to three times faster than manual mopping.



Encouraging our workforce to be Caring Commuter Champions

 In support of the effort led by the Public Transport Council (PTC), SMRT is the first public transport organisation to develop and conduct an in-house Inclusive Service Awareness course to have our entire workforce certified as Caring Commuter Champions. This training equips our employees with the skills to look out and care for special groups of commuters in need during their daily commute.