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Community Engagement

Building deep connections with the community is a great way to foster positive relationships and demonstrate our commitment to the commuters. SMRT has been actively pursuing a diverse range of programmes and initiatives to enhance touchpoints with the community.

Comic Connect

SMRT stations are more than just transit points; they are vibrant hubs of interaction and connection. As part of the anniversary celebrations, SMRT Trains launched the Comic Connect which is a collaboration with the local art community to produce wall murals showcasing Singapore’s heritage in the vicinity of train stations.

We rolled out Comic Connect as a strategic initiative to commemorate SMRT’s 35th anniversary and to engage commuters and communities. We collaborated with the local art community to install heritage-themed, comic-style wall murals across 35 SMRT-operated MRT stations. 

As of March 2023, we have installed the murals in eight MRT stations.


Meet-the-Manager Sessions

With the expansion of TEL, we ramped up our engagement initiatives to reach more commuters to gather feedback and comments. In March 2023, we held a Meet-the-Manager engagement session at Outram Park TEL station. More than 30 commuters shared their feedback about the TEL with our staff. The monthly engagement strives to familiarise commuters with the Service Operation and Station Managers of SMRT, while also deepening ties with community partners. We also take the opportunity to gather feedback from commuters to improve our services.



Focus Group Sessions 

We began holding focus group sessions in November 2020 with TEL commuters to have in-depth discussions on SMRT’s services and facilities. Through the biannual sessions, we aim to build relations with and better understand the needs of different communities we serve, be it residents, students or working adults.


Grassroots Engagements

Our staff work closely with community leaders to review feedback from residents on how our services can be improved. We continue to maintain strong bonds with the grassroots and communities by actively participating in events organised at the constituencies.

Sembawang West CCCaring Commuter Champions booth at “Pack My BackPack” event organized by Sembawang West CC, hosted by Ms Poh Li San

972 Anniversary Celebration10th Year Anniversary Celebration of Service 972 with MP Liang Eng Hwa and members of Bukit Panjang SMC