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Safety and Security

Travelling Safely

  • Your safety is our top priority. No efforts will be spared to ensure the safe operation of our services but there are a number of things you can do to make each trip a smoother, safer and more enjoyable ride.
  • If you need assistance, please approach our staff.

We Need Your Help

It is not possible for our staff to be everywhere and neither is it feasible for us to be checking every person who enters the network. We cannot do it on our own so we need you to be our ears and eyes. If you see suspicious packages, bags or even behaviour, report it immediately to our staff.

How do you determine a suspicious package? Just remember HOT
  • H - Hidden
    Is the item intentionally hidden?
  • O – Obviously Suspicious
    Does the item seem to be overly suspicious? ie. Oily patches, wiring, ticking sound, etc
  • T – Typical of Environment
    Is the item typical of the environment? If not, where should it be placed? 

If you find such an item, inform our station staff immediately.


When observing a suspicious person, remember SALUTE

  • S – Size
    Take note of the number of people, gender, age and physical description
  • A – Activity
    Describe what the person(s) is doing
  • L – Location
    Provide the exact location of the person(s)
  • U – Uniform
    Describe what the person(s) is wearing
  • T – Time
    Provide date, time and duration of activity
  • E - Equipment
    Did the person(s) have a vehicle, camera, video, etc? Describe the item(s)

For info on emergency evacuation from trains and stations, please click here.