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Behind-the-scenes concert workers: Ushers, security and SMRT staff toil so fans can enjoy

Photo credit: SMRT


At every concert, fans remember the star’s shimmering performance and the breathtaking effects. But behind the glitz and excitement is an industry of workers doing their best to ensure every audience member has a good time.

A village of personnel – including ushers, security staff and SMRT workers – has been slogging to get more than 50,000 people in and out of the National Stadium a night for American superstar Taylor Swift’s concerts.

[The full article was published in The Straits Times on 6 March 2024.]


Crowd control marshals and service ambassadors who guide the morning and evening peak crowds at MRT stations — we are so used to seeing them that many of us hardly pay them a second look. But the crowd control efforts of Stadium MRT station staff have earned them commendation from regional attendees, after the six nights that the Eras Tour shows played in early March.

The experience was so positive that Singaporeans and foreigners were inspired to hand out glowing reviews for the public transport operator on Facebook.

For starters, a large-scale event requires more hands on deck, so SMRT beefed up the manpower at Stadium MRT station by four times in anticipation of managing 52,000 concertgoers each show night. When station staff are on crowd control duty, they do more than just direct commuters. A lot of the work actually goes unnoticed by the average commuter.

[The full article was published on Mothership on 15 March 2024.]


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