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Commuter Safety


We carry over two million commuters on our MRT network daily and our mission is to provide a safe, reliable and comfortable journey for our commuters. Commuters safety is our top priority and we spare no effort in ensuring the safe operation of our services. You can also play your part in making every trip safer, smoother and more enjoyable.

A series of public Safety roadshows titled “WeCare About Your Journey” is being organised, with the objective of raising awareness on the safe use of facilities, such as escalators, lifts, platform gaps, train doors and platform screen doors, especially for those on Personal Mobility Aids. The Safety roadshows were piloted at Toa Payoh and Buona Vista MRT stations in mid-January 2020 and rolled out in 2022 when COVID-19 safe measurements were eased. We look forward to meeting more commuters at our stations!



Safety Education and Engagement for Bus Captains

Road traffic safety is the number one priority for SMRT Buses. There are regular fortnightly safety engagements with our bus captains to share lessons learnt from recent incidents as we continue to reinforce the importance of safe and defensive driving.



Buses driving safely with Cyclists

Over the past few years, there was a surge in the number of cyclists (leisure and food delivery) on the road. In order to ensure our Bus Captains drive safely with more cyclists sharing the roads with them, a new training video emphasising on “keeping safe side clearance” was produced. New scenarios involving cyclists have also been incorporated into our bus training simulators to enhance the training of our Bus Captains.


Quarterly Commuter Safety Campaigns at the Bus Interchanges

There is a commuter safety campaign at our bus interchanges every quarter. The objective is to educate commuters on safe bus travels so that their commutes are safe and enjoyable.