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SMRT Properties

Providing commuters a seamless travel and lifestyle experience

SMRT Properties handles the leasing of approximately 34,000 sqm of commercial space suited for a wide-selection of services from fashion to food. Serving 2.6 million passengers daily, we provide you with the commercial space and potential traffic to suit every business. 

Retail and F&B

More than two million commuters are in our network daily. Engage them through your presence in our network. Choose from a variety of leases to suit your business needs

What's Happening

Reach out to commuters via regular themed fairs at our SMRT event spaces

Event Space and Push Carts

Located at high traffic stations, our event spaces and push carts are ideal platforms to reach a wide consumer segment.


Get closer to your customers with our Event Spaces, Push Carts and Shops.
Let us help you.