Our Safety Projects

Lone Worker Tracker for Bus Technical Specialist

Bus Technical Specialists (“BTS”) carry out daily preventive maintenance alone during the late-night hours (between 0100hrs to 0400hrs) at bus parks and they may face difficulties in calling for help during emergencies. Supervisor faces challenge of tracking their locations and well-being.

The proposed solution is to provide a wearable lone worker GPS tracker device with the following features: i) Location tracking for Supervisors to track BTS location; ii) Automated reporting when hard impact (e.g. BTS fell) or when no movement over a prolonged period (e.g. when BTS fainted) is detected to alert Supervisors; and iii) SOS button to call for emergency assistance.

The lone worker GPS tracker device will allow Supervisors to track locations and well-being of BTS, and also provide BTS with alternate means to call for emergency assistance during their late-night preventive maintenance shifts.