Train Captain Mohamad Dasufi Bin Safie

Meet Mohamad Dasufi Bin Safie, Train Captain from Tanah Merah Station.

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Inspired by a friend who was a train captain, Dasufi joined SMRT Trains in 2009.


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Dasufi preparing the train for service 

As a Train Captain, he is responsible for preparing the train for service, launching the trains from one of SMRT’s train depots, and ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for commuters.

Dasufi shared that one of the biggest misconceptions people have of his job is that operating trains is a simple task. The job requires teamwork, regular training and discipline.


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Dasufi conducting his walk-through of the train

His day begins with him drawing out equipment and conducting a walk-through of the cabins to prepare the train for service. It is important that these checks are completed in a timely manner to ensure that train service begins as scheduled. 

Being able to resolve train faults that could occur and getting commuters to their destination safely and on time is something that he enjoys.