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EVCo's Efforts Gain Momentum in Helping Businesses Decarbonise Mobility

EVCo, a joint venture between SMRT's Strides Mobility and DST Electric Vehicle Rental, launched its inaugural Green Horizon Day on August 23, 2023. This event celebrated EVCo's leadership as Singapore's pioneering Electric-Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS) provider and its positive impact on the business community and the environment. Dr. Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment and the Ministry of Transport, graced the occasion, joined by over 200 executives from various sectors.


Since its inception in April 2022, EVCo has played a pivotal role in helping customers across industries reduce their carbon footprint. Through commercial electric vehicles and digitalisation, they've collectively achieved a CO2 avoidance of over 300 tonnes, equivalent to planting 13,800 trees.


The event acknowledged eight industry trailblazers, including Aetos, Alliance 21 Group, Anticimex, CBM Group, Certis, Nera, Otis Elevator, and Primech, recognised as Decarbonisation Early Adopters. These companies have made significant strides in decarbonisation and sustainability through EVCo's tech-driven eMaaS solutions. For example, Nera Telecommunications reduced its fleet size by 25%, saving 35% in annual operation costs and cutting carbon emissions by 60%. Anticimex achieved a 30% reduction in the average Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per vehicle, resulting in a 40% decrease in carbon emissions from 2020 to 2023.


Beyond electric van leasing, EVCo’s partnership with OCBC offers sustainability-linked financing and electric vehicle fleet management solutions, promoting a green mobility ecosystem. Introducing EVism (Electric Vehicle intelligent sustainability monitoring), an urban mobility sustainability dashboard, it empowers enterprises to track their fleet's environmental impact and align with climate goals.


Green Horizon Day showcased how businesses can leverage EVCo's ecosystem for sustainability and growth. This marks a significant step toward Singapore's greener and more sustainable future, uniting stakeholders in environmental stewardship and innovation.


“Over the past year, we are pleased that our collaboration with our customers have helped them to transition to cleaner-energy transportation, enabling them to work towards their sustainability goals through mobility decarbonisation. Our new digital sustainability solutions underscore our commitment to continuous innovation and supporting our customers’ growth through digitalisation and data. We aim to achieve 25% market share in the electric light goods vehicles category by March next year in Singapore and grow our markets in the ASEAN region, Australia and New Zealand,” 

Mr Fuji Foo, Chief Executive Officer, EVCo