Senior Supervisor Goh Kok Khoon, Automotive Services

Meet Goh Kok Khoon, Senior Supervisor at SMRT Automotive Services.


Kok Khoon started out with Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS) in 1999 as a Technical Officer. He currently supervises the Bus Accident Repair team, which comprises 20 Technical Officers and in-house contractors. He and his team are responsible for performing rectification works on buses to ensure that they are road-worthy. Every month, his team handles the repair works of around 150 buses. As a Supervisor, he coordinates the schedules for these rectification works, ensuring fast turnaround so that there are enough buses to deploy for service.


Kok Khoon shared that he has seen many improvements throughout his years in SMRT, such as paper quotation forms being replaced by a computerised system that streamlines the process between external vendors and his team. He added that having to work with external surveyors and his colleagues in SMRT has allowed him to gain many fruitful experiences.


Kok Khoon enjoys going on courses and having the opportunity to learn new skills to implement at work. Although his work may get challenging at times with a sudden increase in repair works, Kok Khoon remains organised to ensure that his team prioritises and schedules the works accordingly to meet the respective turnaround timings.