Bus Captain Sandra Mohan, Woodlands Bus Interchange

Meet Bus Captain Sandra Mohan from Woodlands Bus Interchange.


Sandra joined SMRT in 2008 as a Bus Captain.

Every day, before she hits the road, Sandra is involved in the First Parade tasks. As part of the First Parade tasks, she has to conduct engine inspections, as well as examine that the functions and controls of the bus (e.g. tyres, brakes, lightings and air-conditioning) are in good working conditions. These checks are extremely important to ensure the road worthiness of the buses, to bring about a safe and smooth journey for commuters.



Sandra setting off from Sembawang Bus Interchange to serve commuters

Despite the long working hours and occasional encounters with demanding commuters, the encouragement and support which Sandra receives from her colleagues as well as grateful commuters motivate her to continue working hard to serve commuters every day.   Sandra said, "I really enjoy my job as I get to meet different commuters every day and I am happy when I get to see the smiles on their faces."

During her free time, she enjoys brisk walks or a swim with her family. "These activities help to build up my stamina and keep my mind active, which is very important for my job that can be sometimes physically and mentally challenging", shared Sandra.