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Anson Lim

Chief Safety and Security Officer

Mr Anson Lim leads SMRT Safety & Inspectorate in driving SMRT’s safety and security systems, including trains quality assurance, in partnership with respective Divisions and Business Units to achieve a safe and reliable transport system and environment. He forges close collaborations with relevant management agencies to provide adequate strategic risk assurance to the Management and Board Committees.

Mr Lim joined SMRT in April 2013 as Director, Safety Services Department and established the organisational safety system, policy, safety structure and governance including Safety Board for Trains and Roads. He oversaw the integration of the Security Operations and Readiness Department into Safety Services, which subsequently together with Trains Inspectorate formed SMRT Safety and Inspectorate.

Prior to joining SMRT, Mr Lim served with the Singapore Armed Forces and his experience includes threat analysis, development of security and crisis management plans, safety systems and audits.

Mr Lim is a graduate of the National Defense University, People’s Liberation Army of China, Beijing in Defense and Strategic Studies. He also holds a Master of Education from Monash University. He is also a member of the UITP Security Commission.