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SMRT's 'journey' takes into account the quality of service, diversity of talent

Photo credit: SMRT Corporation Ltd

[The full article was published in Berita Harian on 19 February 2023.]


In a joint interview alongside SMRT Group CEO, Mr Ngien Hoon Ping with Berita Harian, SMRT Chairman, Mr Seah Moon Ming said SMRT emphasises capabilities and diversity in its efforts to attract talent, with 20 per cent of its board of directors being women.

Mr Ngien spoke on the role of women in SMRT, noting that many engineering tasks are held by women. He explained that they see the strength of each individual.

Mr Seah also highlighted Ms Moliah Hashim, a member of SMRT’s board of directors, for her expertise in strengthening human resources and training policies.

In addition to diversity, the two SMRT leaders also touched on the company’s efforts to develop young talent by guiding students from institutes of higher education, the philosophy of pursuing continuous improvement and efforts to reward employees who contribute to the company.

Mr Seah and Mr Ngien also spoke on other topics, including leadership, the use of data and technology, collaborations with Institutes of Higher Learning, and attracting more women to join the rail/public transport industry.