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SMRT Embodies Safety Excellence at PTSSA 2023, a Pillar for Sustainability

SMRT’s triumph at the Public Transport Safety and Security Awards (PTSSA) 2023 underscores the company’s dedication to commuter safety while illuminating a vital facet of its sustainability journey. By prioritising safety as a non-negotiable principle, SMRT is fortifying the very foundation upon which our sustainability rests. The event, which acknowledges the pivotal role of transport operators and workers, was graced by Senior Minister of State, Dr Amy Khor, who emphasised the crucial significance of ensuring commuter safety within the transport ecosystem. 


Dr Khor applauded SMRT’s dedication to resolving a recent safety incident, highlighting how every individual within the transport network plays a vital role in safeguarding commuters. This sentiment was echoed in the multitude of awards SMRT clinched at PTSSA 2023. An impressive total of 25 awards, including the prestigious Excellence and Merit Awards for Rail Safety, validates SMRT’s ongoing efforts in fostering a secure commuting environment.  


Beyond mere accolades, these achievements symbolise a sustainable ethos. By ensuring the safety of commuters, SMRT is building trust and encouraging more people to rely on public transport. SMRT’s commitment to achieving the highest safety standards is evident through initiatives like #KaizenForSafety – a philosophy that has become a way of life at SMRT. The company's dedication to safety and security ensures that commuters can travel with peace of mind, knowing that their well-being is paramount. By fostering a sense of security, SMRT is encouraging a mode shift from private vehicles to public transit, aligning with Singapore's sustainable urban mobility goals. 


In the words of Senior Minister of State, Dr Amy Khor, SMRT’s relentless dedication to safety is a compelling example of responsible corporate citizenship. By weaving safety into its operational DNA, SMRT not only secures the present but also lays down a sustainable path for the future.  


"As we come together this morning to recognise the efforts of our transport operators and workers, I would like to take this opportunity to commend SMRT who are currently working hard to resolve a safety incident... This is an excellent example of how each and everyone in the transport ecosystem has a big role in ensuring the safety and security of our commuters." 
Senior Minister of State, Dr Amy Khor