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SMRT's Sustainable Urban Mobility: Track Access Management Systems and Communications-Based Train Control

In the pursuit of sustainable urban mobility, SMRT has harnessed the power of technology to address the challenges of urban transport not only in Singapore but also on a global scale. Central to this effort are the Track Access Management Systems (TAMS) and Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) systems, two groundbreaking innovations that are propelling SMRT towards a more sustainable future.


TAMS revolutionises the management of rail infrastructure by optimising track usage and maintenance scheduling. By effectively allocating resources, TAMS minimises disruptions, reduces downtime, and extends the lifespan of rail assets. This streamlined approach not only ensures safer and more efficient journeys for passengers but also contributes to a significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.


On the other hand, CBTC redefines how trains are controlled and monitored. This communication-driven system allows for precise train movements, enabling trains to run closer together safely. This reduction in headway translates to increased capacity and decreased waiting times. With fewer trains idling or operating at lower speeds, energy efficiency improves remarkably, lessening the environmental impact of rail transportation.


By integrating TAMS and CBTC, SMRT is enhancing its operational efficiency and sustainability. These systems enable the optimisation of resources, reduction of energy consumption, and enhancement of passenger experiences. SMRT showcases how innovation can reshape urban mobility for a more sustainable future.

Hear what our SMRT colleagues Leow Wee Lee, Head of Signal & Communications and Lieu Shi Yang, Senior Engineer, Applied Rail Technologies has to say about these new initiatives in an interview with Inside Sustainability.