Media Release - SMRT Trains conducts flood response preparedness exercise at Paya Lebar MRT station

20 September 2021

SMRT Trains conducts flood response preparedness exercise at Paya Lebar MRT station


  1. To reinforce the training and operational readiness of SMRT staff in the prevention of potential station flooding, SMRT Trains conducted a ground deployment exercise on the Circle Line at Paya Lebar MRT station on 17 September 2021.

  2. The exercise demonstrated:

i. Close monitoring of the threat of flooding via the national water agency PUB’s high water level alert system

ii. Activation of the graduated flood response plan

iii. Safe and timely deployment of flood barriers at the station’s entrances


  1. Mr Lam Sheau Kai, President, SMRT Trains, said, “We are pleased with the results of the exercise. Different teams across SMRT Trains – including the Operations Control Centre (OCC), Station Operations and Maintenance Operations Centre (MOC) – coordinated well and executed their roles promptly in response to the flooding scenario. We will continue to reinforce the training of our staff, and regularly maintain our activation processes and flood prevention system. When the need arises, we are ready to answer the call of duty in different and difficult situations.”


  1. Refresher training for SMRT staff in responding to a flooding situation, among other exercises, is conducted twice a year. SMRT will continue to work with the relevant agencies to review flood protection measures to strengthen their effectiveness amid climate changes.


  1. According to the 17 September exercise scenario, heavy thundery showers with strong gusty winds approached the north-eastern part of Singapore. When waters in the Geylang River rose above 75% of the river’s capacity, OCC placed on alert the Flood Response Team, which comprises 30 SMRT staff from depots and other stations. Meanwhile, the Paya Lebar station staff continually checked the station surroundings.


  1. When the water level in Geylang River rose above 90%, the Flood Response Team was activated to report to Paya Lebar station. Upon arrival, the Flood Response Team moved the stackable flood barriers into position at designated entrances of the station.


  1. When the exercise scenario had the waters rising above ground-level drains and submerging footpaths around the station, the stackable flood barriers were deployed within 30 minutes by the Flood Response Team. In an actual flood incident, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) would be informed concurrently at this point. Commuters would also be alerted to the situation via station announcements and on SMRT’s social media platforms.


  1. Observers from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) and SCDF attended the exercise, which lasted two hours.