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Our Trains

SMRT Trains is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible way, balancing the interests of our stakeholders, from commuters to employees to business partners.


Energy Conservation in SMRT  ENERGY CONSERVATION through installation of LED LIGHTING and DISTRICT COOLING


Water conservation in SMRT  Dual cycle recycling systems at train wash plants saves APPROXIMATELY 670,000 LITRES OF FRESH WATER EACH MONTH


Waste Reduction in SMRTEliminate, reuse and recycle waste. CLOSE TO 1,600 TONNES of scrap metal sent for recycling




Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) stations, trains, Operations Control Centre (OCC), as well as Mandai Depot (MDD) were built by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) with sustainability in mind:

  • MDD was built as a green depot. A solar photovoltaic (PV) system with total capacity of 1,620kWp is installed and commissioned above the roofs of the depot. Energy production from the solar PV system is expected to surpass 2,000MWH annually. An additional system, which has a capacity of 150kWp, will be installed along the linkway corridor. There are also plans to install the solar PV system at the entrance roofs of TEL MRT stations. 

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panel in SMRT     Solar photovoltaic (PV) panel for production of electricity.


  • A solar adsorption chiller of 850kW or 241.7RT has been installed and commissioned in MDD to provide additional cooling capacity to the depot.

Solar adsorption chiller in SMRT     Solar adsorption chiller that provides additional cooling capacity to the Depot.


  • All escalators in TEL MRT stations are installed with variable speed control. During off-peak hours, the speed of escalators is set to a lower speed of 0.50m/s and during the peak hours, the speed is adjusted to 0.75m/s. When the escalator is idle, the speed is further reduced to 0.2m/s. All these features contribute towards energy savings at the stations.
  • All TEL and depot premises, including trains, open track areas, workshops, service roads and tunnels, have been installed with energy-saving LED lighting.
  • Water recycling features have also been incorporated at the train wash plant in MDD.

Energy-saving LED lighting at Mandai Depot    Energy-saving LED lighting is used in Mandai Depot.