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Strengthening Safety Partnerships: Highlights from the Annual SMRT Contractors’ Safety Forum 2023

Industry leaders, contractors, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) converged at the SMRT Contractors’ Safety Forum 2023 on July 14, to bolster safety partnerships and reinforce their dedication to a secure working environment.


Key Announcements by Chairman

Gracing the event, Mr. Seah Moon Ming, SMRT Chairman, delivered the keynote address and made the following key announcements:  

  1. The Queen Bee of Safety.  SMRT aspires to be the Queen Bee of Safety in Singapore Land Transport and intends to partner all our contractors and OEMs on this journey to collectively enhance the safety and health of our workforce and commuters.  
  2. SMRT-Contractor Safety Community of Practice.  The launch of SMRT-Contractor Safety Community of Practice, aimed to amplify cooperation between SMRT and its contractor, facilitate safety dialogues, share case studies, and promote best safety practices among professionals.  
  3. SMRT Safety Framework.  Our new Safety Framework is built on our Core Values R.I.S.E., and our strong safety culture. The five pillars of our Safety Framework were introduced: (i) Enhancing Safety Leadership, (ii) A Responsible Workforce, (iii) Robust Systems & Processes, (iv) Fair Rewards & Recognition, (v) Insightful Data & Leading Indicators.  

  4. Safety Awards.  Starting next year at the 2024 SMRT Contractors’ Safety Forum, SMRT Safety Awards for Contractors will be given out. These safety awards will be based on Contractors’ safety performance KPIs, safety initiatives, as well as safety efforts put forward to make our workplace a safer and conducive environment for all stakeholders.  
  5. Aligning With National Initiatives.  In alignment with recent national announcements to strengthen WSH ownership by introducing more stringent safety requirements in Government Procurement Tenders, SMRT will follow the Government’s lead in this aspect and will be reviewing and enhancing safety considerations in our tender and contract evaluation. In alignment with this year’s Workplace Safety and Health campaign theme “Reporting Saves Lives”, SMRT will also expand its existing internal reporting system to include a new QR code for contractor-partners to report and/or share feedback on safety-related issues and concerns to promote a greater sense of safety ownership.


Distinguished Speakers and Panel Discussion on Safety

Distinguished speakers include Mr. William Tan, Chairman of the Board Safety & Security Committee (BSSC) and Mr. Christopher Koh, General Manager of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council. A panel discussion on Strengthening SMRT-Contractors’ Partnership provided an interactive platform for greater engagement and participation.


Contractors Lim Kim Hai Electric (LKHE) and Porr-Gates R150 JV (PGJV) shared experiences and best practices in safety and risk management, fostering shared learning. Industry leaders engaged in a panel discussion, highlighting collaboration, shared learning, and continuous improvement as essential elements of safety excellence.</p>



Kaizen for Safety Initiatives

Contractors and OEMs showcased innovative safety initiatives. Exhibits featured programs like Stamford Tyres’ Total Tyre Management and Alstom’s 12 safety directives, fostering continuous safety improvement.



Moving Forward in Safety

The Annual SMRT Contractors’ Safety Forum 2023 served as an inspiring platform for safety partnerships and a collective commitment to excellence in safety, driving progress in Singapore Land Transport. Through the SMRT-Contractor Safety Community of Practice, SMRT is propelling safety in Singapore Land Transport, prioritising a proactive approach and collaboration for a secure working environment.