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SMRT Annual Safety & Security Awards 2023


The SMRT Annual Safety & Security Awards 2023 was held on 14 November 2023 at Orchid Country Club, to honour our exceptional Business Units and Divisions that have achieved exceptional performance for FY23.

During the ceremony, Chairman SMRT, Mr. Seah Moon Ming, delivered an impactful opening speech that emphasised the paramount importance of safety within SMRT.  His key messages were as follows:

  1. Safety as the Top Priority: Safety is an integral part in all our businesses.
  2. Attitude, Behaviour & Commitment: Think Safety, Work Safely and Go Home Safe!
  3. Kaizen for Safety: Adopt the mindset of continuous improvements and strengthen our safety culture in SMRT.
  4. Striving for ZERO Accidents.
  5. Queen Bee of Safety: Encouraged all employees to maintain their dedication to safety, setting high benchmarks for safety standards and occupational health.

The ceremony honoured 6 deserving recipients with the prestigious Chairman and GCEO Safety & Security Awards.  These winners have steadfastly shown an unwavering commitment to the safety, occupational health and security of their workforce. Their relentless pursuit for continuous improvement in Safety and Security is indeed a reflection of their unwavering dedication.

The winners are as follows:

Chairman Safety & Security Awards

  • BPLRT (SMRT Trains)
  • Woodlands Bus Depot (STRIDES Holdings)

GCEO Safety & Security Awards

  • NSEWL (SMRT Trains - Rail Operations)
  • System Management (SMRT Trains - Rail Maintenance)
  • STRIDES Automotive Services (STRIDES Premier)
  • STRIDES Taxi (STRIDES Premier)

A hearty congratulations to all the winners for setting a benchmark of excellence!  The event serves as a reminder of our commitment to safety and unity as One Team.