Our Safety Events

Mental Wellness Champions Engagement Session

Every year, World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10 October.

Here at SMRT, we champion the importance of mental health, and ensuring that our employees are well taken care of. With the daily demands of our lives, we may sometimes feel stressed, worried, or even sad.  It is common to feel this way and we are not alone in experiencing them.  When things start to feel overwhelming, it is okay to reach out for support. This is the message our Mental Wellness Champions advocate here at SMRT.

For World Mental Health day 2023, we held an engagement session with our Mental Wellness Champions, to learn more about stress management as well as share their personal experiences. We also had a fun relaxing activity making marble coasters! We hope that with our champions, we can build this community of practice in SMRT to provide support and share knowledge and resources on mental wellness, as well as for others to seek help when needed.

Let us all play our part in increasing awareness and deepening the value and commitment we give to mental health & well-being.  Regardless of who and where we are, all of us have a right to the highest attainable standard of mental health.