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Why Join SMRT

SMRT offers employees an exciting, vibrant and challenging work environment, yet one that’s balanced and holistic.

As a public transport service operator, SMRT is vital to the collective effort to fulfil Singaporean’s aspiration for a land transport system that is convenient, well-connected and inclusive. In line with Singapore’s goal to build a car-lite society by 2030, we envision our rail network to be longer than networks in major cities such as Hong Kong and Tokyo and comparable to current lengths in London and New York City. The integral roads network will also provide the important first and last mile connectivity. With exciting new developments, timelier investments in capacity expansion and higher operational and maintenance standards, commuters can look forward to smooth and reliable rides.

Here in SMRT, we are committed to nurturing and developing employees with the right skills, operational exposure and varied opportunities, to help them realise their true potential.

We are looking for those who want to make an impact in Singapore’s transport industry by taking care of the needs of commuters and providing them with safe, reliable and customer oriented transport services.

Come on board SMRT and join us on this meaningful and rewarding journey!