Singapore, 21 June 2018

Bukit Panjang LRT to resume service on Sundays with Late Opening from 1 July to 28 October 2018

1.  The Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit (BPLRT), which has been closed on Sundays since 15 April 2018 for planned maintenance works, will resume operations from 1 July. BPLRT stations will, however, open later at 8.00am (instead of the usual 5.30am) on Sundays from 1 July to 28 October 2018 for intensified maintenance works to continue.

2.  The full-Sunday closure of BPLRT stations from April to June 2018 has enabled maintenance and engineering teams to accelerate replacement of power rails and track switch components along critical sectors of the BPLRT network. Even as LRT services resume on Sundays from July, later opening hours will continue to provide the teams with the necessary time to carry out essential work on the rest of the BPLRT network. Such efforts are intended to improve the network’s reliability as well as commuters’ travel experience.

Alternative Travel Options

3.  Shuttle Bus Services A and B that bridge between BPLRT stations in both directions will continue during the late opening of BPLRT stations on Sundays from 1 July to 28 October 2018 (refer to Appendix). Commuters are advised to plan their journeys ahead during this period. SMRT will deploy staff to provide assistance to commuters on affected Sundays. Updates will also be available on SMRT’s website, as well as through SMRT’s Facebook and Twitter feed. 


Please refer to the posters below for more information: