Update on 7 October Flooding Incident

1. SMRT’s internal investigation and disciplinary inquiry (DI) into the staff responsible for the pump maintenance at the Bishan-Braddell tunnel have been concluded. Based on the DI’s findings and recommendations, 13 staff have been found responsible.

2. Of these, eight staff have been dismissed in accordance with SMRT’s disciplinary framework. These comprise the staff in the work team who had falsified pump maintenance records, and the Managers and Senior Executive who were in charge of ensuring that pump maintenance was duly carried out during the period. They are made up of one Senior Executive, two Managers and five Technical Staff.

3. Investigations have also found that Vice President Tay Tien Seng and Senior Manager Ivan Kok had failed to exercise sufficient supervision during the period when the falsification of the pump maintenance records occurred. As they are no longer with the company, SMRT reserves its right to pursue legal action against them as may be appropriate.

4. Three other Management Executives, including a Vice President, have also been disciplined according to our internal disciplinary framework for failing to exercise the due care and diligence expected of them in relation to the maintenance of the pumps.

5. Learning from this incident, SMRT has strengthened its maintenance processes and supervisory checks. We have made critical personnel changes to the management and maintenance team. A Joint Readiness Inspection team has been set up to ensure that maintenance and asset replacement are independently audited and monitored in a systematic way. Third-party Qualified Persons and Subject Matter Experts are being engaged to enhance quality control surveillance of all maintenance activities and conduct a system-wide review of critical systems. Leadership training for mid-level supervisors and managers is also being stepped up.