Service Ambassador Wee Kwee Wan, Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub

Meet Wee Kwee Wan (Doris), Service Ambassador from Buses.


As a Service Ambassador at Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub, Doris manages the crowd at the bus interchange and ensures that commuters board and alight from the buses safely. Besides that, Doris also attends to commuters' queries and assists them at the Passenger Service Counter to bring commuters a pleasant journey.



Doris assisting commuter in boarding the bus

Doris recalled a day where she was helping an elderly commuter to board the bus.  She found a seat for the commuter and ensured that she was seated safely before the bus moved off. The elderly commuter was smiling to her and gave her a pat on her hand. This kind gesture left a memorable impression for Doris. 

"I enjoy helping commuters especially the elderly, children and persons with disabilities. Knowing that I can be of help to others makes me happy. When I see the smiles on their faces, it motivates me to continue doing my best to serve commuters", adds Doris.