Taxi Partner, Colin Neo Kay Choon

Meet Taxi Partner Colin Neo Kay Choon.



As an SMRT Taxi Partner for more than 20 years now, Colin shared that he feels honoured to be featured in the campaign as the hard work of his fellow Taxi Partners is being appreciated.

Colin works about 18 hours every day. Before starting his shift, he will clean and inspect his vehicle to ensure that passengers get to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.


Colin regularly takes up courses to upgrade his skill sets. Besides English and computer courses, he recently attended an Autonomous Vehicle course to learn and keep up with future technology. With his enthusiasm in constantly upgrading himself, Colin has won the SkillsFuture Fellowships Award 2018 which recognises individuals as master of skills and inspiration for others in their journey to pursue lifelong learning.

When asked about the challenges he faces as a Taxi Partner, Colin said that he has to react fast to urgent situations while on the road. He shared with us of a time where his passenger experienced a heart attack in his taxi. Colin checked on the passenger, calmed him down and sent him to the hospital immediately.


He shared of another memorable experience where he was paid in cash after dropping the passenger at his destination. When he realised that the passenger had passed him counterfeit notes for the taxi ride, the passenger was already nowhere in sight. 

Despite the challenges he faced, Colin said that he still enjoys his job as he gets to meet people from all walks of life. He added that being able to bring passengers to their destination safely makes his heart full.