Tan Kian Heong

President, STRIDES Holdings

Mr Tan Kian Heong, as President, STRIDES Holdings, is responsible for driving business growth strategies at SMRT Buses, as well as STRIDES Mobility. 

Mr Tan joined SMRT Buses in January 2013 and turned around the loss-making Bus business to be profitable within 3 years. Under Mr Tan’s leadership, SMRT Buses has consistently achieved high operational performance standards and enhanced the efficiency of public bus services provided by SMRT Buses in Singapore. He played a vital role in implementing the Government's Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) and enabled a smooth transition of the business to the Bus Contracting Model.

In order to further improve and enhance commuting experience, he drove the innovative use of technology such as introducing information provision services with interactive information panels, using video analytics to improve the security at bus interchanges, and developing the Professional Learning and Management System (PROLEARN) through the application of big data analytics to provide proactive intervention to improve driving capabilities. Through these initiatives, Mr Tan steered SMRT Buses towards a sharper focus on providing high levels of operational reliability, safety and service excellence to commuters, which culminated in the award of Best Service Partner at the LTA Transport Excellence Awards 2016.

In the area of workforce development, Mr Tan developed the SMRT Bus Captain scheme which was modelled after the NTUC Progressive Wage Model. He also set industry benchmarks for training by commissioning the Singapore Bus Training and Evaluation Centre, which is equipped with the republic’s first team-based bus simulators, and improved the career pathways for Bus Professionals by designing the "Career beyond Driving" career scheme. In recognition of these progressive initiatives, Mr Tan was conferred the leading CEO award by the Singapore Human Resource Institute in 2016.

In terms of his professional contributions to the international bus industry, Mr Tan was appointed the President of the International Bus Benchmarking Group (IBBG) in 2015/2016.

Prior to his career at SMRT, Mr Tan worked in the education sector and in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). As Divisional Director at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Mr Tan oversaw the strategic planning needs of NIE and the delivery of effective and efficient corporate services to NIE’s internal and external stakeholders. Mr Tan also spent over 20 years in the SAF and rose to the rank of Colonel. Having helped drive SAF’s transformation efforts, he is attuned to organisational transformation process, from change management to performance management methodologies. In addition, Mr Tan has led multi-functional teams in planning and executing large-scale national events and SAF activities.

Mr Tan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the National University of Singapore.