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SMRT International

For any city to grow and prosper, an effective and reliable public transport network is essential. SMRT International Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMRT Corporation, was established to spearhead SMRT’s expansion of overseas business operations. Drawing on our wealth of experience, we share our expertise with overseas transport operators, serving clients in various parts of the world, including India, China, Taiwan, the Middle East, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Staffed with a team of experienced and high-performance professionals, rail operators and owners can rely on SMRT International to manage the smooth start-up of their new systems and the enhancement of the existing systems. SMRT International’s strength lies in our system-wide domain expertise, complemented by our familiarity with the latest technological advances and our spirit of innovation.



O&M services and consultancy;


SMRT International offers O&M services to rail transport owners, operators and project developers. We also support the O&M and interconnectivity of multi-modal rail and road transport systems through consultancy services. Early involvement of the operator and the maintainer in feasibility studies ensures the future railway system will be customer-friendly, user-friendly and cost effective in operations and maintenance. Major areas for expert O&M inputs from preliminary designs to revenue operations include:


·         Project definition

·         Planning concepts

·         Design input and review

·         Works train operations

·         Operations pre-operations training

·         Maintenance pre-operations planning

·         Acceptance testing

·         System commissioning


System design review and development:


In the design review phase, we leverage on a knowledge base of past experience to provide operational feedback to the various system suppliers. This enables us to recommend ideas leading to the goals of:

·         Integrating the elements of systems engineering; Civil, M&E and Railway Systems

·         Ensuring that the system is able to deliver to a high level of standards during operations

·         Improving system life-cycle costs


Railway Management Systems;


Our operational expertise enables us to prepare comprehensive, standards-compliant operational procedures and guidelines relating to the following:


·         Safety Management System

·         Environmental & Quality Management System

·         Railway Operating Procedures

·         Standard Operating Procedures

·         Emergency Procedures

·         Guideway Access Control

·         Coordination with multi-Agencies

·         Maintenance Standards & Checklists


Transit oriented development and advertising consultancy;


In Singapore, over two million passengers travel through our SMRT networks daily, and this has demonstrated good track record in our retail and advertising management. We have more than 700 retail units covering over 35,000 sqm in all our stations and interchanges, offering a good mix of lifestyle convenience, which include dining, shopping, medical, healthcare and banking services, for our passengers. SMRT International leverages on our parent company’s transit oriented development strategy and is able to offer the following services:


·         Conduct preliminary planning study on potential development sites along the alignment


·         Assist in the seamless integration between railway station/ depot and property developments

·         Evaluate and make recommendation for tenant mix and advertising platforms

·         Conduct station layout study to increase retail space in line with railway safety requirements


Operational, technical and management training;


Essential to any organisation is a competent and effective workforce.  In addition to providing operational systems and policies, SMRT International ensures effective transfer of knowledge and required skill sets through conducting staffing, training and certification of manpower for any project. Training elements include:

·         Training plan, implementation and strategy

·         Railway training for operational readiness

·         Railway safety management systems

·         Train-the-trainer programmes

·         Cab simulations

·         Crisis response management

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