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SMRT Boosts Service Excellence Efforts with first Customer Experience Innovation Conference

1. SMRT Corporation Ltd, Singapore’s premier multi-modal land transport provider, held its first Customer Experience Innovation (CXI) Conference, marking a significant milestone in its efforts to raise its level of customer experience through innovation. The conference brings together thought leaders in service excellence from various industries to share new and effective methods to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. Complementing the conference was an exhibition that showcased projects introduced by SMRT to improve commuter experience. Shown for the first time, the SMRT Active Route Map Information System (STARiS) 2.0 will enhance the travel experience for commuters travelling on North-South East-West Line (NSEWL) trains by displaying comprehensive station information to help commuters navigate through the station to street level upon arrival, and point out landmarks in the vicinity of the station. The STARiS 2.0 system will be available on new NSEWL trains that are expected to come into service this year. 

3. With a panel of 10 distinguished speakers and moderators from Singapore and abroad, the CXI Conference is part of SMRT’s Service Excellence efforts to inspire and motivate more than 500 of its executives and managers to be more innovative and to raise the standards of service delivery to improve the travelling experience for the more than 3 million commuters that journey with SMRT every day on its buses and trains. 

4. The CXI Conference also welcomes senior members of the Public Transport Council, the Land Transport Authority, the Employment and Employability Institute, SPRING Singapore, and local transport industry experts. 

5. SMRT has put in place a range of infrastructure renewal and upgrading programmes such as its sleeper replacement, re-signalling and third rail change out projects. SMRT is also carrying out mid-life refurbishment and end-of-life extension programmes for all its trains. In addition, more new trains are being added to the fleet to improve overall capacity. 

6. Alongside these important steps to improve network service and reliability, SMRT has also introduced many customer service improvement initiatives, such as mobile charging points, enhancements to electronic displays of train and bus arrival timing, digital way-finding panels and priority queues at its MRT stations and bus interchanges.  

7. Addressing participants at the start of the conference, President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Desmond Kuek said: “SMRT has won numerous national-level Service Excellence awards over the past few years – including the prestigious Singapore Service Excellence Medallion, the Singapore Experience Awards for Customer Service, and the Contact Centre Association of Singapore’s Annual Awards. We are determined to continue to serve and excel in improving the experience of all our customers. We look forward to learning and sharing with experts and leaders in Customer Experience and Innovation. Innovation is as much an idea or act, as it is a state of mind.  We can apply this in end-to-end service delivery in a commuter’s journey, from before he or she even steps into the network, with way-finding, passenger information services and physical signages, to consumer amenities in the retail shops and advertising spaces as he makes his way through the transit network, to every single commuter touch-point that make for a more enjoyable journey.”  

8. This event underscores SMRT’s commitment to serving its customers better by adopting industry best practices and through innovative uses of technology. SMRT will continue to work with the community and industry partners to improve service touch points and deepen engagement with commuters who use its trains, bus, and taxi services to make travelling on its island-wide multi-modal transport network a truly enjoyable experience.

Annex A: CXI panel of speakers and moderators
Annex B: Overview of CXI exhibits
Annex C: Technology Collaborations
Annex D: SMRT Customer Service Improvement Initiatives
Annex E: SMRT Service Excellence Awards and Recognition