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SMRT successfully grows number of railway engineers to an all-time high, and more are needed

SMRT successfully grows number of railway engineers to an all-time high, and more are needed

1.         In a continuing effort to boost MRT reliability, SMRT has successfully grown its railway engineering team by more than 150% since 2013 to an all-time high of 500 engineers. And SMRT Trains has vacancies for even more engineers. 

2.         Speaking at the SMRT Institute-University of Birmingham (UoB) Post-Graduate Certificate course on urban rail engineering this afternoon, SMRT's Chief Corporate Officer, Mr Gerard Koh, said the company is on track to hiring even more engineers to reach 700 engineers by 2020. The event was jointly organised by SMRT Institute, which runs the largest number of railway-related courses in Singapore, and UoB, a leading centre for railway technology education and research in the United Kingdom, for some 250 young and mid-career engineers from SMRT Trains.

3.         “When we assessed the renewal plan for our MRT lines, we identified the need to raise the engineering bench strength as a critical task in 2012,” said Mr Gerard Koh, SMRT’s Chief Corporate Officer. “I am delighted that our partnerships with educators at our universities, ITE colleges and polytechnics, and industry partners have led to greater awareness among students of the important work carried out by railway engineers. Despite the demanding work, many continue to step forward to serve on the MRT system. We have hired our 500th rail engineer and continue to strengthen our engineering team so that SMRT will be better poised to raise reliability even as our MRT network expands.”

4.         Ms Madelene Lee, Vice President, Human Resources at SMRT, said: “Our career pathways are designed to develop every member of SMRT’s engineering team to his or her fullest potential. We recognise that people development is critical, as only half of the 5,000 engineering graduates that Singapore produces each year actually join the engineering profession. It is heartening to see many well-qualified engineering graduates wanting to join SMRT and help the team bring our MRT reliability to even greater heights.”

5.         Beyond the numbers, the professional development of railway engineers is key. SMRT is sparing no effort to ensure these engineers are highly proficient and serve as role models for the engineering profession. This robust post graduate certificate programme is part of this effort.

6.         SMRT recognised in 2012 that more engineers are needed to carry out rail renewal and maintenance work. And with its successful bid for the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), the team has its sights set on enhancing its engineering bench strength even more by 2018, before TEL commences service.

7.         Ms Nor Fazlinda binte Mohd Affandi, an engineer with the Power Maintenance team at SMRT Trains, said: “I stepped forward to join SMRT because I find the work done by its railway engineering team to improve the MRT very meaningful. The pre-employment talks at my school gave me the confidence that SMRT’s multi-year renewal plan is achievable, and I certainly want to be part of this exciting journey. Before I joined, I was also encouraged by SMRT’s plan to nurture its staff through various programmes by creating learning opportunities at various points of our career as railway engineers.”