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When taking the Bus

At the bus stop

  • For your safety, please stand on the pavement behind the yellow lines.
  • Flag for the bus in advance to give the driver ample time to see you and stop.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching it. It is dangerous to rush towards a moving bus.
  • Please board the bus in an orderly manner and do not push other passengers.
  • Do assist or allow the elderly, disabled, pregnant women and young children to board the bus first.
  • For your own safety, please do not board the bus when the doors are closing or from the rear doors.
  • For the comfort of other passengers, please refrain from smoking at the bus stop.
  • Do not run or play at the bus stop and always supervise children.

At interchanges and terminals

  • Crossing within the bus park is prohibited. Use designated crossings.
  • Be considerate and queue when waiting for the bus.
  • For your safety, stand clear of the curb while waiting for your bus.
  • Assist or give way to the children, elderly, disabled and pregnant women while boarding the bus.

On the bus

  • As soon as you board, tap your card or pay your fare by cash and move to the rear of the bus. Do not block the entrance.
  • Please move to the rear as much as possible to allow more passengers to be able to board the bus.
  • Do not stand on the steps of the bus and be mindful when the doors open and close.
  • Hold on to the hand grips or a grab pole to maintain balance.
  • Please keep your bags, luggage, prams/strollers out of the way of fellow passengers. These must never block walkways and doorways.
  • Please offer your seat to someone who needs it more than you, especially the elderly, handicapped and pregnant ladies
  • Do not eat, litter or smoke while on the bus
  • Do not block the exit if you are not alighting at the next stop.
  • To alight, press the bell once in advance. Give the driver ample notice and time to pull into the bus stop.
  • Let the bus come to a complete stop before alighting. For your safety, never force its doors open.
  • Do not alight if the doors are closing. Press the bell to alert the driver.
  • Please report any unusual incidents or sightings on board the bus to our Bus Captain.
  • If you left your belongings on the bus, please make a lost report.

Emergency equipment on board the bus

Emergency hammer

  • Located between bus windows. In an emergency, use this to break the windows to escape.

Fire extinguisher and first aid kit

  • Located near the front door of the bus. To access the items, use the emergency hammer to break the cover.