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Why Join SMRT

At SMRT, we understand that there’s more to life than work. We provide employees with an exciting and prospectable future; one that's balanced yet holistic.

Other than local job positions, we also offer overseas opportunities for our employees.

Our excellent reputation in the industry has allowed us to expand our business to the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Leveraging on our proven track record in offering integrated transport services, we provide operations and maintenance (O&M), engineering, consultancy and project management services to our global customers to help them manage, optimise and enhance their land transportation system. In addition to investing in ZONA and Shenzhen, we have also offered engineering consultancy and O&M services to operators in Korea, Dubai, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and many other markets in Asia.

Our intention to grow globally has influenced the way we do business and how we select, groom and develop our people to support our global business plans. Employees have the chance to gain exposure and accumulate skills with these overseas opportunities, which will prove crucial in their career development.

You can be certain that a satisfying career awaits you at SMRT!