Engineering & Management Associates Programme

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Moving People, Enhancing Lives


We seek graduates who aspire to make a difference as engineering or domain leaders. If you possess a passion to serve and thirst for challenges, look no further and join us to be part of a career that is committed to moving 3 million commuters every day.


SMRT Engineering and Management Associate Programme (EMA)


The SMRT Engineering and Management Associate (EMA) programme aims to equip graduates with the essential professional business and leadership skills to jump-start their career journey in SMRT. We fulfil career aspirations by providing distinct tracks in Engineering and Management, enabling high potentials to grow in both tracks.

The EMA programme begins with a structured two-month foundation journey, followed by continuous development and job rotations leading to professional accreditation. Your development will be enhanced through our comprehensive ‘Triple E’ Development Framework – Education, Exposure and Experience, to nurture well-rounded leaders.


SMRT Train Engineer Professionalisation (STEP) Framework


In line with the growing demand for Rail Engineers, the SMRT Train Engineer Professionalisation (STEP) framework is designed to provide Engineering Associates with structured grounding in engineering fundamentals, leading to professional accreditation as Chartered Engineers. Under STEP, Engineering Associates will have the opportunities to undergo Postgraduate Railway Engineering courses by the University of Birmingham (UoB), a global first that sees a partnership between a University and Rail Operator.


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Hear from our EMAs!




“The SMRT EMA programme has given me the opportunity to be part of nation-wide projects even as a fresh graduate. There is also strong support from seniors in the earlier batches to guide me along the way. As a Management Associate in Bukit Panjang LRT, I work with both the operations and maintenance teams to ensure our trains run smoothly. Your work will touch the lives of millions daily so bring your ‘A’ game!” – Ajay Govinda Menon (EMA 2016), Senior Executive, Operations, Circle Line & Bukit Panjang LRT




“The programme gave me opportunities to create connections with other young engineers who are fresh graduates like myself. Through gatherings with our batch mates, we are able to share with one another the experiences and knowledge gained from our respective work branches. This aids our learning curve and career in the railway industry as we get to better understand the scope of works of other branches. The EMA programme is structured suitably for fresh graduates who are driven to gain knowledge and subsequently contribute in the railway industry. The company also encourages lifelong learning through the introduction of various railway courses.” – Nor Fazlinda Binte Mohd Affandi (EMA 2016), Senior Engineer, Power Maintenance




“The programme is well structured with OJT, development courses and participation in CCAs to enhance our learning in SMRT in many ways. Recently, the company implemented a career path for Executives like myself to take on the Engineering Maintenance Manager role, which allows me to be on the ground, learning and working together with our ground staff. Though it may be challenging for juniors to take on this role, it allows me to be part of the front line activities in “moving people” every day. It is challenging and exciting to be working as railway operator. Be willing to accept every opportunity given to you and take things positively!” – Ratna Yanti (EMA 2015), Deputy Engineering Maintenance Manager, Signals & Communications




“The support from mentors, networking opportunities and training were a critical part of the programme that developed us personally and professionally to take on greater responsibilities. I feel privileged to work alongside individuals in the Train Operations Department who are highly committed to ensure that the train service keeps running during the operating hours. In SMRT, you get to play active role in improving Singapore’s train system. Your work will impact the journey of millions of commuters everyday. Join SMRT if you are looking for an exciting career where there are ample opportunities to realise your full potential.” – Oh Kai Kiat (EMA 2011), Manager, Train Operations (North-South & East-West Lines)




“The programme provides a very good platform to develop a vast network of like-minded, enthusiastic and motivated graduates across various disciplines. It is also very systematic and structured in providing foundational knowledge of the railway industry to kick-start the career of new EMAs. I’m proud and honoured to be part of the effort that enhances components, optimises procedures as well as adopting new technologies to drive higher trains’ reliability. To do well, just be sincere, look forward to getting your hands dirty and always be willing to extend a helping hand!” – Wong Choon Fu (EMA 2013), Project Manager, Rolling Stock, Thomson-East Coast Line




“I joined SMRT in 2018 as a fresh grad EMA. Being a young engineer, I was immediately enrolled in fundamental railway training and given developmental opportunities via CCAs. One memorable experience was being a rep for my department (Permanent Way) where I worked closely with senior leaders to improve the quality & processes of Work Instructions and saw firsthand the challenges and rewards of implementing corp-wide changes. If you are looking for a career to serve & make a difference, join us!” – Chin Joo Ern (EMA 2018), Executive Engineer, Permanent Way Maintenance


The application for SMRT Engineering and Management Associate (EMA) Programme is now open! 

Interested candidate please send your CV and educational transcripts to with the subject title "SMRT EMA20".