Service Announcement - Service 883B to serve four new bus stops along Canberra Street and Sembawang Road

16 November 2020 


Service 883B to serve four new bus stops along Canberra Street and Sembawang Road 


From 23 November 2020, Service 833B will serve four additional bus stops along Canberra Street and Sembawang Road to provide a better commuting experience. 


Bus Stop Code 

Road Name 

Bus Stop Description 


Canberra Street 

Blk 108 CP 


Opp Blk 104B 


Sembawang Road 

Opp Blk 592C 


Opp Blk 590C 


Please refer to the poster for more details.  

For more information, please contact the SMRT Customer Hotline at 1800-336-8900 from 7.30am to 8.00pm daily, or visit