SMRT Trains Staff to Don New Uniform Designs from 5 March 2018

Singapore, 2 March 2018

SMRT Trains Staff to Don New Uniform Designs from 5 March 2018

1. Commuters at train stations on SMRT’s network will be greeted by staff wearing new uniforms from next Monday, 5 March 2018. This uniform update involves some 5,000 staff for SMRT Trains, including frontline station staff, train captains and operations controllers, as well as technicians and maintenance crew.

2. The new uniforms designs incorporate features which were recommended by staff. They are rolled out following a year-long engagement and trials with staff as well as consultation with the Union, and is the first revamp of uniform worn by SMRT Trains’ staff since 2010.

3. SMRT Chief Corporate Officer, Mr Gerard Koh, said: “We regularly review the work attires of our staff, making necessary improvements to material or fit to ensure that they continue to meet the needs for staff deployed at stations, aboard trains, as well as in depots and across the network. Comfort, functionality and safety are key considerations in deciding features of the final design for the new uniform. Most importantly, we want our staff to feel proud to wear their uniforms as ambassadors for our company.”

4. The new designs for SMRT Trains frontline staff, notable by their lighter colours, project a modern and professional image (Refer to Annex A). The bright accents also make it easy for commuters to identify them in a crowd. As part of the uniform redesign, ladies will be given the option to pair their blouse with knee-length ‘skorts’ to facilitate their performance of duties.

5. Uniforms for SMRT Trains’ technicians and maintenance personnel maintain a dark base colour with bright red accents, paired with cargo pants for optimum functionality.

6. New corporate t-shirts are also introduced for non-uniformed staff to wear during visits to work sites. These polo t-shirts are comfortable and versatile, with the option to wear the collar fully zipped up or folded open.

7. SMRT staff uniforms have been an integral part of the company’s strong identity over the past 30 years. The designs have been refreshed several times to keep the company’s image youthful and current. New uniforms will be rolled out for frontline and support staff in SMRT Buses by the middle of 2018.