Tony Heng Yew Teck

Managing Director, SMRT Taxis & Private Hire Services


Tony Heng heads the strategic business growth of SMRT Taxis, Strides Transportation and Bus-Plus Services.  
Mr Heng previously led  Bus-Plus Services and as the General Manager of SMRT Taxis, he played an integral part in making it Singapore’s largest hybrid taxis fleet operator. 
Prior to joining SMRT, Tony has more than 18 years of work experience with companies such as LexBuild Auto & Trading, Comfort Delgro and Hock Lian Bus Transport Services, holding key leadership positions and specialising in mergers & acquisitions, operations, business development and management.  

In his longest spanning career previously, Tony was the Assistant Vice President, Drivers Recruitment in Taxi Business and was instrumental in the integration of Comfort Transportation and CityCab, comprising a total of 15,000 taxis and 32,000 drivers, as well as maintaining the market share as the largest operator in the Taxi industry.

Mr Heng holds a Bachelor of Business from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.